Proog - Zbrushed

Hi all. I was bored today and I started playing with the demo of Zbrush 2 and I brought in Proogs’ head to play with and see what I could do. So here is the result:

Not 100% as detailed as it could be, I guess. But I learned a lot about Zbrush while doing this and I can seriously tell you, I need to get this app. I love it! Really easy to use and understand, once you get into it.

Thanks for letting me share this here, as I know it’s not a Blender project.


Hey this is looking really good BgDM, nice sculpting. Have you tried out using alpha maps yet for disp painting?

i cant see ur image

mr_bomb: Thanks bud. Yeah, I have played a bit with the alphas for painting and such in Projection Master. I should spend some more time with it though before I post stuff with it.

RANKIN67: no idea why you can’t see it. My server is never down and I can see it fine. So here is an url, if the image isn’t working ->


I wonder how much of that is possible with Blender’s upcoming sculpt mode. I heard N. Bishop just implemented partial redrawing and someone said of editing a res level 8 cube in realtime.