Prop, 120 ° or not ?

Hello guys !

I’ve a little interrogation here, I’ve modelled a prop in blender for a friend’s airplane.

According to me, it seems perfect, angled at 120° ( blade angle to each other ) but when you put a straight line under, it doesn’t match. And the top blade ( vertical ) is straight, I could rotate the whole prop but …

Something is weird I admit.

Whereas other one’s propeller, angled at 120 ° in another 3D program, seems not balanced ( I measured 3 angles of 123,118 and 119 ° ) with protractor, so a total of 360 °

Look at two pictures, and please explain me why the 120° angled one look strange and mine, which the bottom line don’t match, seems more " balanced "

Thanks guys !

Switch the camera to orthographic…
You could also rotate them at different angles and forget about it.

The main question is why in Blender, when I put 120 ° between all blades, why it makes me a difference at the root of the blade point ( because , seeing from side, both bottom blade’s roots shold be aligned, and they are not )

You appear to have forgotten the most important thing. Attach your blend file. Maybe you rotated around the wrong pivot ? Who knows ? Only you since you’re the only person here who has any useful info, so how do you expect anyone to be able to help you ?

Yes sorry I attach it

I choose the center of the hub. Take a look, but please don’t share it.


Your blades are not symmetrical
Image shows difference with non symmetrical and symmetrical blade. The same model with one vertex at the tip of the blade moved the same amount to one side


How can they be ? could you modify the .blend and show me ?


MM ok, but blades in real life airplanes are not symmetrical
it depends on their shapes and airfoils.

Oh sorry, just understood what you meant.

So it’s normal if it’s not aligned, that don’t mean a misangle of blades, they still are 120 ° but as they aren’t symmetrical, it can be on the same bottom line.


Could you tell me if the other planes props are well angled ?