Propagation / Procedural animation

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I’ve seen a lot of videos on IG that impressed me and I’m wondering if there’s a way to achieve these kind of animation with Blender.

I tried a couple time and I couldn’t achieve these kind of animations. Any idea ?

By the way I’m wondering if someone knows if Blender developpers are planning to improve physics engine on Blender ?

These videos are by Alexandretms :slight_smile:

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I love this stuff too. As far as I know your best bets right now are:

  • Using the reaction diffusion feature in the wonderful Tissue addon.
  • Outputting reaction diffusion data to use in Blender from this really cool and full featured tool called Ready.
  • Playing with the very promising Growth Nodes addon - which has a more advanced version that requires being able to compile a custom version of Blender with Python extensions yourself.

The thing is with all of these is that they won’t just get you exactly to what you linked - but I think getting there is possible with ingenuity and combining a few things. I’m sure there are other solves I missed as well - including just outputting data from addons like Tyflow in other commercial 3D apps. Please let me know if you discover any cool ways to achieve some of these dynamics - I am looking all the time too!

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