Propellerheads Reason - virtual 3D music studio

Hey everyone!

As a hobbyist blender user I love a project and so have decided to create a homage to my favourite piece of software (sorry Ton!) - Proppelerheads Reason (

In case you are not familiar with Reason, it is a virtual studio rack allowing musicians to create music using only software, but using a familiar studio-like GUI. My idea is create a recording studio, populated only by Reason “hardware”, created in blender. My own home studio is in a small walk in cupboard so this is my chance to get the studio of my dreams! :smiley:

Last night I started on the ReDrum, Reason’s drum machine. Below is my first WIP render (untextured save for the faceplate) together with the reference image.

I will keep adding posts here as my project develops!


Would mainly light the redrum by it’s own button/leds/display. :wink:

Yeah, was wondering on whether to go for a dark and moody basement studio (self lighting as you suggest would look great) or a light and airy log cabin affair and I guess the choice will reflect the approach! I am aiming to finish the general texturing (including LEDs / button lights) on the redrum tonight, watch this space!

A disco ambient light, colorful, instead of AO, would give a nice funky contrasted render with the buttons as glowing emit lights …

Reason fan here !

Looks good so far except you have a rack-mountable unit mounted in a box. That’s OK, but you won’t have a bunch of separate boxes sitting around your studio will you? Will you be doing the backpanels / patch cables too? That would be 3D cool, but lots more work for sure.

Don’t you worry, these will all be rackmountable units, what I posted was the result of half an hour at my computer fleshing out my initial idea. I will possibly “mod” the ReDrum by mounting it so it is more MPC-like but haven’t got that far. Will definitely be adding jack panels on the rear complete with patch cables. Hit Tab! :smiley:

Ok, an update. Not much done this evening… developed the rack shape, modelled the jacks and fan bars on the rear and UV textured the rear. Took me the best part of 4 hours to achieve very little - this is only my 3rd model and UV texturing still baffles me. Here are some more renders:

Good idea!
Looking forward to seeing Subtractor and NN-XT.

those Velocity switches look awkwardly shallow for a real interface, are they going to be something like the sync and range switches of the jupiter? so fingers dont have to fiddle around to flick them. ( yours could stick out a bit more…)

neat project!

Good point about awkwardness, will sort this when I finish the detailing on the redrum! :smiley:

Only had a small modelling window tonight so worked on an empty rack for my new virtual gear:

Maelstrom synth next…

Looking mighty kickass bro! I suggest selling this as a incorporated model at the end of it all :wink:

Today I wrestled a bit with the model for the Maelstrom synth (my favourite from Reason) - V1 was outrageously detailed and my computer couldn’t keep up so started again from scratch. So much time was wasted that I haven’t had time to finish all the detailing on the front panel. Pretty happy with it though. Here are some renders:

Night off tomorrow probably, unless my wife doesn’t mind me blendering on our anniversary! :smiley:

Quick update:

Things coming on nicely. Have split the project up into the following:

  1. Redrum mod
  2. Rack units, mixers, spiders
  3. Synths
  4. Samplers
  5. Half FX units
  6. Full FX units
  7. Matrix, ReGroove (desk based versions)
  8. Combi, RPG-8

(I am working on Reason 4)

Finished item 2, only got Thor to do on item 3. When I say finished, I haven’t textured all the buttons and rotaries yet and my lack of organisation means I have only made duplicates so requires a bit more work than totally necessary. Hey ho.

So here is the latest render:

My project goal is to come up with a realistic(ish) studio space, like these reference images:

A long way to go! :cool:


An update including a placeholder scene:

Lots to improve - rotaries and buttons still need texturing, the Hardware Interface has a Scream 4 front for some reason.

Starting on the samplers today.

Samplers finished now, although I still have to do the remote editor for the NN-XT, I am thinking about an AKAI S5000 style controller. Mastering suite also done.

Next are the rest of the effects (only done Scream 4). Anyone still following this? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am, that looks awesome, however the wood looks kinda unrealistic compared to your electronic stuff. But I can’t point out why, maybe too much contrast, or too repetitive textures… dunno…

Looks great i am just not a big fan of the wooden boxes/racks . I think some darker wooden texture would look nicer …but that’s just my opinion …stick with what you like .

btw it remind me this for some reason :slight_smile: /even it has nothing to do with what you working on.

Hey thanks for the replies, thought I was chatting to myself for a while there!

Yeah I am not too sure I am too keen on the wooden rack units either, I threw them together quickly (like the room) so the racks would have somewhere to live. I am concentrating on completing all the hardware first and then plan to build a cool atmospheric studio.

Watch this space!