propelling pencil

ok, here goes my first serious project a propelling pencil, I have been playing with blender for several months but this is my first real attempt for doing something. If I have written something badly, sorry but English is not my first language(although I continue learning it)
comments are welcome

No replies either? :frowning:

Cool. The Materials are not quite convincing though but its good. Would have been better if we could see the whole model. Hope to see more of your work :smiley:

thank you, the model isn’t completely modelled so it’s imposible to show it complete, but I’m completing it now, and hopefully making some better textures for the pencil and some handwriting for the paper.

The metal parts of the mechanical pencil need more specular reflection. Increase the hardness of the material and the specularity setting. Sometimes setting the color to black and making the metal reflective also works, for very shiny materials. Adding a texture with a very fine grain to affect the Map To Nor setting will take some of the shine off but still let it reflect.

Sometimes, to get enough reflection from the metal parts, without too much light on the plastic parts, you’ll need to set up a separate light that just lights up the metal parts. You can do this with groups or by putting the light and the metal on a different layer, and making the light work for that layer only.

At some point, there’s only so much you can do with the model and material, and you have to start working with the lighting to improve the render.

maybe have something written on the paper, or the corner curled up…also, i can hardly see shadows, maybe add a low light