Propellor blades

Hi all
How can I get Blender to show fast rotation prop blades and helicopter blades.
24-25 frames per second is painfully slow.
I need the blades to rotate from engine idle speed 200 rpm up to almost blurred, 2500 rpm.

This would probably be a good time to engage in the highly respected CG art of “faking the funk”. Instead of actually spinning the blade at 2500rpm, replace the modeled blade with a circle and animate a texture over it to simulate a blade spinning at that speed. You could probably use a procedural texture projected from an animated empty…or Im sure there are lots of other ways. Just study some video of what the effect looks like and duplicate (as opposed to replicate) what you see.


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One of the best ways to achieve high motion, is to think about how the result looks in real life, and work out a way to “simulate” but not reproduce this.

For a high speed helicopter/plane blade, you don’t actually see much motion in real life, it looks like a transparent disk with a highlight in relation to the sun reflection.

A plane/circle, with a transparent texture should be able to achieve similar results, simply animate this already blurred object for the flickering/further blurring that you desire.

To simulate a camera shutter speed, you could add the original blade object back into the shot, and very slowly animate this(even slowly backwards) with the blurred textured object underneath. it will give the impression of fast motion, and realism.

I am assuming others or tutorials will be able to guide you through the processes involved with doing all this.


Thanks for such early replies
I didnt think of a blur disc.
Helicopter blades alter position from droop to horizontal to dished up slightly while at the same time altering the pitch of the blades.
I’ll have a go as you suggest

Ah you are right,

To get some deforming of the blades happening as you animate, think about using a Lattice (or more recently I think there is some new mesh or curve deformers).

This lets you animate the object in the normal way (rotating in a circle in your case), and animate the deforming of the blades separately.

Render the prop out as a seperarate layer, then use After Effects to do a Wide Time or CC Time FX blur.