Proper Clay Render Material

I’ve always noticed how on say CG-Cars they always have really quite beautiful clay renders of their prototype images. At the moment I have a thread running in the WIP forum, which has quite a few clay renders in it, however they’re not to the same sort of clarity as those i see elsewhere (usually on considerably more expensive packages…). Well i finally got a bit bored of having sub standard clays and decided to make a material that could replicate to an extent the kind that we see in really high quality projects.

I was originally going to use Blender Internal, but Yafray ended up being far more forgiving. I’ll be using these materials in my WIP so if the images for some reason die here there’ll be examples in there.

So far this is what i’ve managed in Yafray (with of course everybody’s favourite monkey):

I’ll probably update this version soon.

Here’s the .blend:
Clay render material

Naturally I’ll update this when I can, eventually i’ll get round to a really good BI version, but i still need a long way to go in that area.

Nice, although clay renders often are more brown. I think that the trick is all in the lighting, not in the materials, they should just be a grey/ slight brown with no specular

What people refer to as “clay render” is nothing special and just a render with the GI-switch on and a default material. That’s how they do it with Brazil / VRay / etc, and there’s no such thing as more brown, yellow, pink or green as you can easily make it all kinds of colors using those renderers.

In real life though, clay doesn’t look like most of those renders you’ll find on those forums at all.

Well I’m used to using the old grey and AO or GI trick, however it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to me. I’ve found that more often it’s the materials that make if big difference, a simple lighting rig (or even a more complex one for that matter) won’t make that much of a difference with GI turned on to this sort of render (I did try). I haven’t seen many brown clay renders but you’re right that they do exist (more often in character design; hence why i don’t see many of them), maybe i’ll do a version for that as well.

The real reason for being called clay renders isn’t specifically because of the colour, it’s the way the light diffuses across the material in a similar manner to clay; or is just a simple render with no effects.

Personally I often find the clay renders more interesting than many of the other WIP renders that one makes, hence the reason why i put effort into them.

That dose not look like Clay more like ceramics , clay has a more darker color and is not white!

Real clay has more tone and is more vibrant compared to overall 3d misconceptions , it is like the human skin with something more than a surface.

Err i know what clay looks like, this is not supposed to be clay i.e. it’s a clay render and is completely different. Thanks for the input but i did clarify (or at least i thought it did). It’s just meant to be a nice shader which shows details and looks decent at the same time without having a full texture attatched.