Proper debugging of addons code

Hi, all.

I’m having difficulties debugging a more complex pieces of code with console outputs, so I was wondering, is there any debugging tools for python in blender? By that I mean an actual ability to plop a breakpoint somewhere and go over the code step by step with ability to watch variables.


This looks like a very interesting workflow.

Instead of coding “inside” Blender we can code “outside” of it. I think I will have to adopt this technique myself from now on, it looks 10 times much more efficient.

If anyone knows something better can freely suggest it so we know.

In addition to using an external editor (I use Pycharm), I would suggest looking in to compiling blender from source, and using the console in a more in depth way. Making a debug build has made my life so much easier in terms of finding out why this or that crashes, mystery hanging pointers, ect.

Huge learning curve though if you’ve never played with that sort of thing before. That being said, I’m much more efficient in sorting bugs out with the combination of pycharm (which like eclipse from the video above has breakpoints) and a debug build.

Hi cassandroid, do you know how debugging can be enabled in Pycharm?
I use Pycharm as well.

no good answer yet?

Actually it would be great is sombody (maybe cassandroid) could upload developer blender build. This would simplify life of developers. Maybe blender foundation could provide blender builds for developers, just like others daily builds.