Proper File structure, and appending materials with image textures?

Hello. Something I have neglected while learning blender was proper file structure. This became apperent when I recently switched computers and my old projects have the materials all pink because they can’t find the images.

So I was wondering what the proper file structure should be for different projects. Lately I have been doing

Does it matter what they are called? I remember lightwave had its own way, and you were supposed to name them correctly. Is blender like that?

Also, a related question. What is the correct way to handle image textures at the macro level? I have a small texture library on my HD. I know its bad to open a texture from that location, because if I move folders around, or try to open the blendfile on a different computer, the images will not load.

So I assume the correct thing to do, is to make a copy of the texture, and put it in my project directory. So if I have the same texture in multiple projects, I have that same file multiple times on my hard drive. Is that right?

Then lastly, what do I do about appending (or linking) materials that use image textures. Should I make a copy of the image and put it in my project directory? If I do that, wouldn’t the material still reference the location of the texture that I originally applied to it? I’m trying to make a material library, and an object library. If I’m appending things from different scenes, I don’t think its smart to have textures scattered about all over my hard drive. What if I need to give someone my blend file?

I know I should have learned this years ago, but better late than never.

I’m not sure what you mean by a proper file structure. It’s all customizable if that’s what you’re asking, you can have whatever arbitrary file structure as long as external data is referenced properly.

There are multiple features of Blender that are practically automated:

You can pack all the external data into the .blend file with File>External Data>Pack All Into .blend.

You can set relative paths so you can reference data that is transferred to different computers as long as the file structure stays the same. This can be done manually when referencing or File>External Data>Make All Paths Relative.

Thank you. That helps. Is it good to have my image textures duplicated for each file? or have them all reference my big “Textures” folder on my HD?