proper order of work for short cg scene project

Hello everyone one. I’m working on a cg cinematic project that I would like to look very similar like those cg cinematic in game
Intros.mine only is Gonna be for 1-2 minutes long. A good example will be DC universe online cinematic trailer. I’m trying to make that level of work but short. I’m sure most of you have seen it, but if anyone interested in watching it, it is below to know what I’m talking about. My question is, I want to start of by modeling my character by sculpting, then retopologizing, after that, should I do the rigging? Or do texturing first? Or hair?can someone tell me the proper work sequence of steps to follow if I want to reach that level of a scene like in the video below? After you do, can you give me a couple of links for a good, step by step, not timelapsed retopology video tutorials that can be, after done, used with texturing, rigging, specially the face movement? Thank you so much in advance