proper order to create a model to final render?

can someone please tell me in what order of steps needed to properly create a model…i thought i was doing awesome and i just recently learned about baking to assist in quick rendering…mine was taking to long…do i need to go back and start again? im still thinking about starting again anyways and doing it in the right order…but i have no clue as to what that order is


A few suggestions:

  • you should always work in real world scale, you can set the unit system under the scene tab of the properties editor; here, your models really feel out of proportion for what they are supposed to portray.
  • fairly close to the above mention, ensure good UVs and good texture proportions.
  • try to figure out shading and rendering (in the path tracing paradigm) before considering using baking, as this operation is basically the same as rendering and as a matter of fact is using the same settings, if your (very simple) scene takes a long time to render it will also be a tad slow to bake; also keep in mind that baking is intended for game creation, it can be usefull for still images, but you should avoid it (with a few exceptions) for animation work.

Thankyou for your reply…i have animated the flywheel and connecting rods…and since this image i have added a few more moving parts…would that be considered “gaming” …cause of the moving parts…and if so…can i just bake the moving parts to save on rendering time? I tried to render the animation of a hundred frames and after 12 hrs,it was only on frame 40…hence the question on baking to save time…and my computer lol