Proper Paint Selection

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if there are plans for a new paint selection mode?
The current one with the radius feels a little bit clunky.
Are there plans for selecting like in Modo or Softimage as shown here?

Cheers Christian

everything seen in that video can be done in blender though.

B - Box select
hold CTRL - Lasso select
C - Pain select (just make the circle small if you want to paint like he did in the video)
Alt Click - Select loop (works in vertex, face, and edge mode)
Select + CTRL click - Select fastest path between the two selected areas
Deselect - Any of the keys above while holding shift.

i’m only talking about the paint select mode which in my opinion is not close to be the same.
first of all if i make the radius smaller i have to do very slow strokes over the elements i want to select because otherwise they don’t get selected at all.
also navigating the viewport is impossible until i exit the tool.

just rightclick, rotate and press C again. are you new to the select tool? cause i never got bothered about that.

also, you just make the radius just the size you need to select just the same way you would in Modo.

or use CTRL click is probably better in most cases.

so you say exiting the tool, navigating in the viewport, re-entering the tool and fiddling around with the size is as good the paint selection in other tools? :wink:
i’m a real blender fan but paint selection really could use an update imho

i dont mind how it is now, i rarely use it. but exiting it and re-entering it is not as tedious as you make it seem.

it is exting the tool as well as having to change the radius that bugs me.
it could be so easy :slight_smile:
right now i avoid this tool completely since it is easier to lasso select