Proper PBR texturing and baking for Unity in Blender?

I want to know what would be a proper approach for creating a proper PBR map for use in Unity engine? So far I have managed to bake a normal and ambient oclussion map and export them to Unity as well as their respective model. Here are a couple of screenshots of it in Blender and Unity engine. I’ve baked the maps in Blender Internal engine.

Saying all this, is there a proper tutorial, paid or otherwise, that shows the true way of making a PBR assets for Unity that solely relies on power of Blender and raster graphics editor like Photoshop or Affinity Photo and not Substance Painter nor Quixel.


What are you thoughts on 3D coat? I know I said I don’t want softwares like Substance or Quixel, but 3D coat seems promising when it comes to simplicity, ease of use and low system requirements. I might give this one a shoot if it’s really good for PBR workflow for Unity Engine.