Proper Skeleton Tutorial

(Raw Recruit) #1

I’d like to build the proper kind of skeleton so I can use the BVH files at Michael’s Blender Site ( ) Could someone please point me to a tutorial that could walk me through it?

(theeth) #2

If you try the example file on his page, there’s already a skeleton setup properly.


(Raw Recruit) #3

Yes, I tried that. The problem is that the skeleton doesn’t really fit my model and I don’t know how to resize and realign each bone without messing up the whole thing. I was hoping that I could build my own so that I would not only know how, but it would also work with my model. The problem is that it seems all the tutes for this kind of thing have gone missing:( I’m just now starting to mess with armatures so I know next to nothing about them.
Thanks, anyway.:slight_smile:

(BgDM) #4

Try these links:

Hope these help in some way.