Proper text support for 2.5?

Is anyone working on integrating freetype or FTGL into the BGE?

I mean, next to sound, text is one of the weakest areas of the BGE. Having the ability to just load a TTF and get smooth fonts of any size rendered in-game is long overdue.

The old FTBlender texturemaps are horrible.

Yeah man this is something that I’ve thought of but have no idea how to do, I avoid text in games just because it’s so messed up

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Moguri has been working on something similar to this
Drawing to the screen with Python
and even submitted a patch,
And it looks AWESOME!

I totally agree.

I’m currently battling to get some reasonable text working for a game prototype. Its very painful to use, seems to be a very outdated system, definitely not something helping the BGE beginners either.

moreover the code for text overlay in the GE is almost there I suppose : property debug framerates info… it’s true it’s a bit frustrating :slight_smile:
bis, see moguri post

ROFL. 100% of 16 voters said yes. :slight_smile:

I guess it’s pretty self-explanatory. Easier text usage in the game engine would be fantastic. It’s currently really hard to get properly textured text (or indeed any text at all for beginners). With GLSL materials on text objects it would be sooo much easier to get fantastic looking UIs, give easy feedback to players, set up text based tutorials, give in-game explanations of objects encountered, etc.

It would be great to have a single text object with a material applied, place it in the appropriate place on an overlay (or move it via a script to the appropriate place) and then edit the text that the text object displays.

The current method is functional, but is missing many useful capabilities and those capabilities that it has feel hackish to implement.

I would contribute financially to development of this (if this is possible within reason).

I would settle for just having the ability to load up a TTF, and have those fonts in game, with relatively good render quality at any scale.

I don’t know what Moguri is doing, exactly (looks interesting, though), but “drawing directly to screen with python” is not really what I was talking about here. Blender already has freetype (via FTGL, I think), which allows for a wide variety of text options (including 3D text), at very reasonable font rendering quality.

I just want the regular blender TEXT object to properly convert at game start.