Proper way to do blonde hair?

I’m trying to find a decent tutorial to help me figure out blonde hair. All I can find is random snippets of info which don’t help me much. I’ve attached a render of what I’m working on and a screenshot of the material settings.

My main problem is that the sideburn area is always flat and not highlighted even if I put a spotlight shining directly on it. This is my first project btw so please bear that in mind, thanks. :slight_smile:


Try changing your diffuse from white to a very light yellow. Add some Fresnel to the Transparency. Increase “Specularity” from 0.056 to 0.200. Increase Specular Hardness to 200. Lower the reflection to 0.100.:slight_smile:


That worked a treat, thanks!

No Problem. I’d like to see your results.


Here it is:

I put the fresnel at 0.2. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the sideburns, perhaps they need to be a seperate particle system? Thanks for your input!