Proper way to export. Obj with. Mtl.


I am trying to export an object as OBJ and include MTL file so that my friend will be able to import it in his software ( not sure what he is using but it’s for AR) and so that the textures will be applied automatically.

I have followed some instructions i found online but i didn’t got any good results.

I am able to export the obj and the mtl. The problem is that after i sent the object and mtl and all the textures to Him the object in the software doesn’t seem to be able to find the textures.

My question is.

Do I need to name the textures in any specific way? Do i have to name the png files or just name them in blender while creating materials?
Should i use cycles ( using right now) or should i use just internal blender without the nodes?

Please let me know if any of You have some info on that.

Thank You kindly.

Blender 4 life :wink: