Proper way to render quartz crystals and export them as a transparent PNG.

I’m using Blender 2.49 to create 3D colored crystals for a game I’m working on. The crystals will be animated and then exported in 2D frames (PNG’s) for use in flash. I’m not very good with blender and I’m having trouble with two things:

  • I can’t find the right material settings and such to create something that looks like a translucent quartz crystal. I’ve got the basic shape I need and I’m able to get something that looks like glass. I need to model them in several different colors and would like to render them as transparent PNG’s which brings me to my next problem.

  • When I render the glass-like crystals that I am able to create as PNG’s I notice that the area around the crystal is transparent but the area inside the crystal show’s the default blue background behind it. I need to crystal itself to be partially transparent and not have the default blue background behind it when I render.

Can anyone tell me what the proper settings are for a quartz like crystal? And is it possible to export a PNG of a translucent crystal? Like I said, I’m still working with 2.49. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

try this