Properties dictionary

I’ve searched around but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

Current scenario: Custom properties defined for an object:[INDENT] myProp1
The are rendered via (really being done in a loop where the property name is derived but still…) layout.prop(‘myProp1’)
[/INDENT]Target secnario:

Store properties in a list:{[INDENT]0: myProp1,
1: myProp2,
2: myProp3
[/INDENT]But I don’t know how to what call could be used from the UILayout.

Can it not be done? Or am I just missing something obious?

target scenario can be an operator (called by current scenario) or a RNA property updated

lot’s on prop in solid shape script

might find some good ideas there !

or declare theses in the scene instead !


Looking… so far nothing that addresses my quandry. WIll continue.

Sorry if my use of “object” confused. I am, infact, storing these properties in the Scene object. The are all being stored but would be nice to store them all under one top level for the script (vs everything all at the same “root level”).

Can you be more specific here? I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say.

If it helps let me say that my issue is not in manipulating the properties just in how they are stored/organized in relation to the object that contains them.