properties editor 2.5 ?

In 2.49 the properties was horizontal
now it is vertical and it is quite bad for me I lost a lot of workplace.
it looks like the horizontal one will never come back and I have to live with it. but are there any way to live with this new vertical editor in peace ?

In 2.5 I saw that when I press t or n, a vertical menu or something will appear/disappear. and I can still see the mesh I am editing

Can I somehow do the same thing with the vertical properties editor ?

take it easy, man.
It’s fully configurable. I think that is a huge change, as i am working hard with it, so the switch must be a sort of slow transition, you can see lots of docs and videos to learn about the new interface and tools, sooo this transition comes as smoothly as possible. :wink: Don’t desperate.

Try control up arrow.

Normally I have 2 viewport, one is front view, other is left or right side view and a horizontal properties like in some tutorials. Now I have 3 small columns
Can you show me some nice tut videos ?

thank you, I tried it, it is a good trick, but then I wont see the mesh I am modelling (while I am in it) Can I somehow make it instead of whole screen only half or 1/3 ? may be modify in python file ?

will there be free alignment in 2.5?
right now there are only horizontal and vertical in 2.53. in 2.49 there were those 2 + free

Theres an option for an automatic quad view, under Display, in the “N” Panel.
As for the properties, they made it that way so to remove clutter and organize all the bottuns so they could be viewed easier.
AS far as free goes, you can drag and drop the option up and down the columns, and I believe you can zoom in or out as well.
These tuts may be of some help,