Properties Editor Overhaul? 🤔

I just stumbled with those commits:

Anyone knows more about those changes?
I was hoping for the merge of some tabs to simplify the properties editor, but it seems like new tabs are coming?? :thinking:

it seem they are reshuffling the panels and tabs with the new vertical layout, the color Management panel used to be in the scene they changed it to the properties and a new output tab is added with it’s own panels…reorganizing things i guess since now they have more space.

I’m mostly curious about that new Render Output tab. :thinking:

There are too many tabs already.

from the code it seems they are moving the render engine, dimensions,output, post processing…etc to a new properties tab called “output” this will reduce scrolling the panels…i think it’s good decision…the Render tab is the longest one and needs to be divided.

I don’t think it is. They were fine separate in panels imo. It’s never good to split related information like that, makes it less intuitive.
This is stuff I only see in blender development. :v:

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I agree with anything that makes scrolling less heavy, and improves the quick find options in the very long new single column mode:

Now I wonder if it would not be better to leave in Render tab only the options that are not shared at all between Cycles and Eevee. Color Management and Freestyle are shared and completely similar options in Cycles and Eevee right? (But I can not think of where Freestyle should go anyway)

Now we will have 2 render tabs to deal with? :man_facepalming:

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Maybe it also would be better to put the “Bake” option somewhere else?

It could go to the render passes section as baking is a bit like only render certain passes.

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Looking at the current UI shot there, I think the devs. can combine a few of those context types if they would only allow a more compact design system for small UI elements like the checkboxes (you can have two boxes per row while staying in a single column overall).

It might depend on whether the very idea of scrolling should be avoided (because it’s kind of a tradeoff if you don’t want so many tabs).

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Splitting the output settings from the renderer settings makes sense for those who use other render engines.


Oh! That’s actually awesome! I’ve been thinking of something like this for a while now. Although I was thinking more along the times of headers along the side or statically located at the top.

By the way, if every section header had a preset button, then you could save presets for every bit of data. All you would need to do it set the preset instead of opening the header. Then you could just work with everything closed up all the time. And then… you’d never have to scroll.

BTW, I really don’t care at all about scrolling. I do it all day in every program I use and it has never bothered me before. (just my personal feeling about it)

There’s an old axiom ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’

It feels like there’s no need for a bunch of these changes i.e User preferences getting moved etc.

If there’s a reason for it then o k, otherwise what’s the point?

i think they should do it like zbrush for scrolling it also suffers from long list of panels
reverse the way you open the panels since you generally work on one single panel at the time …Mouse Click opens only current panel and close all the others, and Shfit+Click it adds…right now it is reversed with Ctrl.

Mh. Imo, the vertical layout looks much cleaner and comprehensible. Much more relaxing for my eyes, no nibbling on horizontal granola bar.

What do you consider to be too long?

In my own workflow, the Properties editor and the Outliner often are both in one column. I would consider it too long, if I have to shrink properties editor (to a degree I have to scroll for tabs) to prevent it from squeezing the Outliner to a degree I have problems using it productively.

In todays linux blender build I did not got the 2nd render tab, but it looks like there is enough room. Properties editor and Outliner fit nicely into a single column.

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In most of cases, you don"t consider dimensions or extension format of your rendered image as the last minute setting that will boost its quality.
It is generally more the constraint of the product to deliver. So, there will probably have almost no back and forth at all between a render ouput tab and a render settings tab.
That will not be a nightmare to deal with these two tabs.

Output tab committed. Here is what render/output tabs look like at the moment.

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Such a waste.

Now I wish all the rendering related settings were removed from the properties editor. They could make a special “Rendering settings” editor as a floating windows (like most 3d apps out there), similar like the way the Preferences window is at moment. :v:


A new icon is needed - the used one says “a picture file”.

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Resolution should be per camera. I’m not sure how it’s ever made any sense to be per scene… the viewport should be treated like a proper camera too, capable of accessing and previewing all camera specific effects.