Properties panel and vertex coords

Hey there,

i am looking for one of two things. At least both would give me the same result. I need to get the vertex coordinates saved in editmode. I think they are saved somewhere else, as you can’t just get them from the[0].co database. So they aren’t saved in themself, but updated after switching between editmode and objectmode.

But, that’s the second thing i would like to know how to get it, if i switch to editmode, press ‘N’ (by default, for the properties panel) the prop panel will pop up and show me the median or the vertex coords, depending on what i selected. So if i select a single vertex, move it around, the coords are shown inside this prop panel. At least, i just want to know where this panel is saved so that i can get the right coords for each vertex to work with also in editmode.

Anybody know where the editmode vertex coords are saved or where to find the ui for the property panel?


well why don’t you look inside the UI script for this N panel
it should be there i think!


Was the first thing i’ve done^^

It is not there, or it is really good hidden, but at least i searched through all ui scripts for the panel and didn’t find it.

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To make your vertex changes permanent (just done in edit-mode) you have to toggle editmode twice!
And then the x,y,z shown are identical in the UI and inside the object (*.co).

Ok ok, now i wanted to write that this won’t work, as i need to update the vertex informations while moving the mesh around. Well i just tried and it works with toggling (i should have tried this yesterday, as i already knew this trick^^)

At least, it works, problem solved^^

(But i still would like to know where to find the data of vertices in editmode)

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Yea, me too, searched and not (yet) found :wink:

really a pita to not have access to this panel. to get set update a property it would be the only way
or better just append this in a menu