Properties panel controls

I’m looking for info on how to set up the type of adjustment sliders that appear in the properties panel (N key). I’ve seen this on many other rigs, but haven’t seen anything on how that setup is achieved.

I know how to link the shape keys to bones with drivers, but how do you get all the adjustment sliders in that one list?

Thanks. That runs a little deeper into programming language then I’ve gone with Blender, though. I was hoping there was a method within the normal user panels to do it. I’m sure I could get the hang eventually, but I barely have the time for all the modeling and rigging I want to get done without diving into the deep end of coding.

I do alright with controlling the shape keys with bones, and just thought the panel controls might be useful. If it’s at that level of configuring, though, I guess I’ll stay with what I already do for now.

Great link gmendieta!! I’ll have to bookmark that!!

Some of this can be done without python, but in a limited way, see attached file. In it, I created a simple fk/ik arm. If you select the handIK bone, in the transform panel, under Properties, you’ll see a box that says ‘FK - IK’ and a number field next to it, that is the fk/ik switch for the arm. When it’s at 0 the fk arm has it’s own pose, when it’s 1 the fk arm copies the ik pose and in this case I’d use the fk bones as deforming bones. So it can be done without python.

Python can improve this setup and add so much more pretty easily, it’s not much code. Take a look at my Joe rig in my sig. He has rig layers in the UI and fk/ik switches if the selected bone can be switched to fk or ik. In my example posted here, the switch can only be accessed when the handIK bone is selected, with python, the slider is there when bones that can be switched are selected.

The script that does all this in my Joe rig can be found in the text editor with the name and is less than 100 lines of code…



fk_ik_switch.blend (334 KB)