Properties question

I am still a bit hazy on the property field wen filling it in are you filling in the name of the object ? what about the properties buttons?


A property is basically a variable where you can store data. Blender’s basic types are Integer (positive or negative digits with no decimals), Floats (positive or negative numbers WITH decimals), Strings (words or letters), Bools (A true/false value), and Timers (these constantly count upwards in time).

Properties can also be used to distinguish between objects. The collision sensor, for example, can respond on all collisions or just those with objects with certain properties. The type of property (int/bool/float/timer/string) doesn’t really matter for these detection systems.

Combining these two concepts is what allows for things like a health system:

Say you have an enemy object and a player object. You could give the enemy a property called “hurt” (or whatever you want to call it), and you could give your player an Int property called “Health”. Now you can use a collision sensor on your player object to detect when it’s hit by an enemy, and use a property actuator that’s connected to that collision sensor to decrease the value “health” (by adding -1). Finally, you can use the property sensor to detect when the player should die (like when health = 0).

You can only input the selected object’s properties into the property sensor/actuator. If you want to change properties on other objects, you have to use messages or the Copy property actuator.

so let’s say i want an object (sensor) and i want it to detect then avoid another object. I would have to add something in properties or can i just ignore the properties button


A property is just like a variable. For more information, look at the game engine documentation on the blender wiki.