Properties section missing input fields

For some reason the information to be filled out, such as “de-noising” “samples” etc are not showing up when I click the render tab in cycles (Blender 2.93.2)
The same with e.g. the light tab doesn’t allow me to change the strength of a light as the field is missing.

When I start Blender with the standard cube, everything is OK. but when I load my file, lots of things in the properties section are missing.
Attached are 2 screenshots

maybe uncheck Load UI when loading the scene,
or try to append the scene ?

I unchecked “Load UI” and now it’s OK. But I am puzzled as to why that would happen. I assume that UI should always be loaded, or not??

Thanks for the help!

Loading the UI means that the UI is set up like the last person saved the file. For example if the last person saving the file only had a large 3d Viewport open an all other panels closed then only the large 3d Viewport will be loaded.
I basically means “load UI as saved in blend file”

If you uncheck “load UI” then the default setup will be loaded.

Thanks for the explanation! makes sense now!