property display as text

Awhile back i saw this tutorial witch i cant find now that basically what they did is had a property witch was to keep track of a score they had it display as text by setting it to a string prop or something and then they had bitmap of numbers that automatically showed the correct value of numbers based off the property. Anyways maybe you guys know what im talking about kinda or know how to do it?

You can do this two ways:

1: Use a string property linked to a Python script and a font object

2: A string property linked to a bitmap text object (set via the object data panel)

See the attached .blend files for details for a script to do the first method. For some reason I cannot get the second to work at the minute so I can’t supply an example for that.

There is a third way using a built in module but it requires a lot of scripting- I’m not very good at Python so I can’t say much about this way.


Text.blend (475 KB)

ok thanks!

is there any way to update it in real time for a score board like for example if it gets a message to add 1 point it uses the add mode on the property to add 1 point then it displays it in real time?

That’s easy to do- change the string property to an integer or float property and use logic / Python to modify that property: see the attached blend- press SPACE to increase the ‘score’.


Numbers.blend (289 KB)

Awsome this is exactly what i need thanks!