Property over scenes

I think that there should be a way for different scenes to interact in the game engine.

For example, if my character has 50 health left after a scene (or level) he was in, and moves to a different scene (or level), I think we should be able to copy the property “Health” through logic bricks to the other scene.

Copy Property \Health\ from \Scene: level1, \object: character\
…Property \Health\ to \Scene: level2, \object: character\

Instead of using Python :spin:

Wouldn’t it make life easier?

Very much so. Since I don’t know python.

Ok, what you can do is have an overlay scene with your health, and each time you switch scenes the overlay scene will stay and the health will transfer. No python and easy to do :slight_smile:

Yes but you can’t get your health to go down in that overlay scene. For example, if you lose health in scene 1, you cannot send a message to scene 3 (the overlay scene) to make the health bar go down.

Yes, yes you can.

Messages can be received cross-scene. See the attached file.

This can be used in 2 ways. One is to send a message at the same time you decrement a property, so that your two properties are in sync.

Another is just to put all of your property data in the overlay scene, and have the overlay scene send messages when you want certain things to happen.



overlayMessage.blend (34.2 KB)

Ha, Sam said it first.