Property problem Sence 2.49

hello guys this problem is making me get stuck and stuck on my game projects.´

that it looks like the game engine does not take the changes of property .

For example OBJECT 1 has to go invisible when property H = 1

i start the game engine and H = 0 but then for any reason if that property goes to 1 iT WONT GO INVISIBLE HOW IT IS SUPOSED TO…

BUT if i start the game engine and H = 1 from the beginning, it does Work, and the object goes invisible

some PEOPLE tell me to add a Always sensors and activate true leveling trigger and stuff like that but this options aint fixing this problem i guess there will have to be a simple way to fix this :frowning: any idea guys??

I have ran into this problem (a lot of problems during the last month or so). If you could attach the .blend file so I could see the problem myself, it would help. I’m guessing that the sensor to the controller isnt positive. Try this: ‘if H = 0 => Visble’ and ‘if H = 1 => Invisible’

Have both sensors positive, because I believe if it is just triggered, then it will work during 1 of the 60 or more frames per second. In other words, you wont be able to see it. If it is positive, then it will be invisible for as long as the sensor is True or positive. (my theory)

I hope that helps.

you could do this, too. just press space to make it visible/invisible.


visi.blend (126 KB)