Property problem

(YAYA) #1

Hello, I’m new to gameblender and I’d like to know, how can I get an object’s property value when it has several properties and of course, in Python!!
Thanxs in advance

(Krabat) #2


if you know the name of the property you want the value from, no problem:

Object.Propertyname = NewValue

Normally this would look like this if you access the Value from a python-controller owned by the same object the Property is owned by:

Cont = getCurrentController() #finds out where the python-script is
Owner = Cont.getOwner() #get’s the object this controller is linked to
Owner.Prop = Value #the property named “Prop” gets a Value

Hope i understood your question right…


(YAYA) #3

Great! that was just what I was looking for, I knew that it was simple, but when you don’t know the language, it’s very hard to talk to the machine!!

Thanks a lot! :smiley: