Property questions

I have a flying game (if you really care, do a search or find “Flying game progress”) and i have a property applied to the enemy, which is just a block right now. Its called ‘enemyhealth’ and represents the enemy health (duh). I have a missile on another layer and it always goes ?.??(i cant remember right now) dloc and tracks the enemy. i have this set up

COLLISION sensor ------> AND-------> PROPERTYactuator

is there a problem with this? can objects on different layers affect eachother? Ive also tried changing the prop actuator to add -1 with no results.:confused:

please help:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I think it should work, but I always use python to change properties, so I wouldn’t actually know. If it was me, I would have the collision sensor on the enemy, and drop it when it collided.

You need a Message Actuator and Sensor to pass “data” between layers
Ex: Layer1-Collision->AND->Message-Subject:foo


OTO, i tried your method of using messages but unless i was doing it wrong, it didnt work so i used Fireside’s method and it worked like a charm. The thing is the only time it works is if the enemy block is a dynamic actor, and when that happens, it sinks down a ways into the ground until it reaches the center. I’ve done alll i can (bounding size, bounding box, fh, Do fh, everything) and it still sinks.

increasing the size in the dynamic actor options usually stops that for me.

it doesnt for me though and its really annoying