Property Sensor Trigger 2 times why? when on changed

I set in logic brick a property sensor to trigger when there is a change. I have try click on TAP level what ever it wil trigger the controller twice . I verify by using a script to print the value of the property I am checking .

Why is it so how can i make sure it is only trigger Once ?

or there is a design intent i did not know?

Double execution of a python controller


So if i am not using a script I am just using the Logic Brick . So on Property change i wanted to send a message to an object . How do i make sure i send only 1 message? other there is not way without the script ? If i am using a experession to check if a property is equal if it is then i will decrement some value . It seems to always decrement 2 times . How do i solve this ?

Hello! Personnaly, I prefer use status:

if mySensor.status == 1: #just activated
if mySensor.status == 2: #active
if mySensor.status == 3: #just released

I mean if I am not using any script just using the bricks how do i do get trigger 2 time?

If you use logic bricks only, you activate the actuator twice or you have two actuators.

Maybe you enabled [True Level Triggering]?

Sorry What i mean is how do i make sure the acutator controller is trigger only once . and not twice. thanks

actuator controller?

Please post a demo blend. It is unclear to me what situation you have.

Itest2.blend (442 KB)

create a blender file with Property Sensor to monitor on changed connected to a expression controller which is connected to propertrt acutator to increment an property by 1 when a expression is true . However When the experession is true the actuation seems to be trigger 2 times and the property is increment by 2. How do i only Trigger 1 time and increment by 1 time only . Sorry I have issue attaching a blender file in

Change your property sensor (the one noodled to the Expression Controller) to an Always Sensor, with true Pulse and the same frequency as your other sensor. This may or may not work for whatever purpose you’re putting this toward, but it does make the properties increase correctly, if I understand what you’re trying to do here.

This way, your check for the expression is ‘synced up’ with the pulse that increments ‘prop’. If I had to take a guess, the property sensor is checking that expression as True twice because it’s checking for those conditions more frequently (say, every 10 ticks?) than the property is increasing. If that makes sense.

The simple solution would be to get rid of the Property sensor all-together, and noodle the always sensor to both controllers.
It appears you want to check the expression every time the property changes (hence the property sensor).
Your property changes every time the always sensor pulses.
Why not have that always sensor pulse just check the expression as well? Unless there’s a specific reason you need that other sensor in there…

Hope that is helpful.