Property tab is gone from a .blend file from Blender Swap

Hi. I went to blender swap (needed a simple arcade button).
I opened the file. Edited it. Created shaders and all. Hard work like we know ought to be.
When I went to render, the “output” tab was frikken removed.
Could anyone please help me out on how to bring it back? Thanks.

And please do not “load ui”, when you open blender swap stuff.

Which asset? Link? Just post your corrupted file or go back to defaults (new startup & config…) :disappointed: C’mon, get a grip already

I even mentioned the answer between lines in the same post. I do this from time to time to know how are we helping the community. How patient we are in understanding what a common user will question about Blender.
You DID see the answer in the same question. Correct?

InDID… there’s only one UI :upside_down_face:

still, other helping hand is to be considered - one cannot wash left without right :wink: