Prophet Isiah

[image removed]

Fan Art of the prophet Isiah :slight_smile:

base render
[image removed]

Also do animations :P.

really cool somehow :slight_smile: do another like this with !!

For a nice character like this one it’s a shame that some wrongly made UV images destroy the illustration. I’m sure that you can improve the table and the background! The light it’s not correct either, there is too much brightness, and different sources of light coming from different angles, I would recommend to cast a sun light source from exactly the other side of the character (from his right) and add a plane in his left side for reflection. Sorry for the bad english, hope I could help! keep it up!

Thanks mushroomeoCool i’ll be making more like this but even better as I gain experience :slight_smile:

I know backgrounds are a bit hard to make. But am still practicing to make them more believable especially trying to match up the lighting with the backgrounds. thats the tricky bit as well. but anyway thanks 4 the feedback :slight_smile: