ProPilkki2 beta released

Finally your wait paid off :slight_smile:
ProPilkki is greatest icefishing game in whole world

Grap your copy at:

Only finnish version for now, but enghlis is coming at some point.
Blender was used for menubackgrounds.

This is just brilliant. Well, i don’t have much experience about fishing games all together but I thought that worming the hook bit was nice addition.

Ja missä hitossa ne isot kalat on hä? Tosin en ole hirveä kalamies.



that was fun, was very easy to figure it out (which is good since i can’t read finnish, although some words in the manual I could decipher).

Is this planned as a commercial game? It seems simple enough that it would be a good candidate for mobile phone games.

Is this a custom game engine? It worked well with my ATI card so I assumed it must be :slight_smile:


Sorry no linux version atleast for now, maybe someone can test it with wine? If i remember right there have been talk about linux port, but they want to finnish game first and it and it takes quite some time.

It’s freeware coz authors are too lazy to figure out alt tax and licence stuff… :slight_smile:

Game engine is handmade, they did they own modeler too.

Now back to fishing.

This u all have been waiting for, Porpilkki beta 0.3

It should be out in this week.

New features in version 0.3:

  • 2 new lakes
  • 4 new species (Arctic charr, Grayling, Smelt, Pikeperch)
  • Snowing -effect
    - English menus
  • Couple of new lures
  • Settings menu available
  • More realistic fish behaviour (there were major bugs in older versions)
  • Lots of bugs fixed

And it’s out:

mm… and still only on windows :frowning: maybe i give it a go at workplace just to see what it looks like.


Yes, i’m sorry about that. Some folks reported it works with winex, but i don’t know for sure