Proportional Edit behavior but its not on

I am going insane. If i try to move a single or maybe some few vertex they surounding vertexex are moving as like proportiona edit is un but it isnt according the grey tool symbol. Stupid am I?

plz - since i cant work any further on it. I have version 2.42a for windows, have i accidentialy hit some me unknown shortcut or, restart Blender and loading the blend again hasnt helped so far. So grabbing still moves unselected vertices, or is there something on like keep bla bla and mirrormodifier to x axis is on and do clipping too.
ok i upload the blend maybe someone can find what i did wrong.

In your Subsurf Modifier tab, just left of the Up/Down arrows, turn off that little triangle button (Apply modifier to editing cage… )


lol Kleine Ursache grosse Wirkung.
small cause in beginning causing big trouble