proportional editing broken...

I went onto the manual to try and figure out how to control the amount of proportional editing, and it says to use the mouse wheel. I had thought it would kinda work the same way as the double b select does, where the mouse wheel would stop zooming and control the curser instead. when i scroll up and down in proportional editing, it still just zooms though! I’m left with this monstrous area of selection that’s far more than what i want. Any idea what my problem might be?

Works fine for me. You doing it in a transform mode? You’ll see the influence boundary.

As Surt implies, to change the area of PET influence you first have to initiate a move, rotate, or scale operation (G, R, or S key), then start rolling the mousewheel.

ah, thank you. it works now. i was trying to change the size before doing anything, and it wasn’t working. muchisimas gracias, people.