Proportional editing for bones

I’ve downloaded blender 2.91 and I noticed it doesn’t seem to have proportional editing available for things like moving multiple bones that are a part of a single bone object (like when you make a new bone and start duplicating bones when in editing mode for that bone). I’d like to be able to use pose mode with proportional editing so I could move multiple bones with a falloff and not just like, selecting only one bone at a time and having to move each bone seperately or if I have selected multiple bones but they will not move with any falloff. Maybe someone could relay this to some blender devs?

Seconded. I thought I must be missing something that this was in pretty much every other mode but not in pose mode. I don’t think there’s even an addon for it, is there? This seems like it should be a must for face rigs in particular.

Usually in animation you want to precisely control which bones get a keyframe, when and where. I don’t see proportional editing being very useful in pose mode honestly. Even in face rigs you tend to have “master” bones that influence another round of bones, so as to diminish the number of keyframes, thus the complexity of a shot.

For a rig with a low-to-moderate number of bones adding master bones only seems to make things more complex/confusing, doesn’t offer the level of control proportional editing would, and I still end up having to tweak the individual bones to get it right. Even on a very advanced rig I’d imagine you may have multiple master bones you would want to move with falloff.

The entire point of having a single (or two) “master” controllers constraining a number of other, smaller controllers is to alleviate the need for touching those smaller controllers in most cases. It offers the level of control proportional editing does, and infinitely more, since you can hook them up with action constraints to behave exactly how you want them to.

Of course more options is always better, and I’m sure there might be situations where proportional editing on bones becomes handy for some reason, so go ahead and make a feature request ! I was just giving insight as to why this does not exist at the moment.