Proportional editing - grab keyframes

Is there a way to proportionally Grab and move keyframes in the dopesheet? Similar to how editing vertices works in edit mode… except moving keyframes in time…?

You can box select key frames (orange diamonds) and hit hot key [G] to move, or [S] to scale.

what if I want to move keyframes with a “falloff”" like with proportional edit:

like this: (bad ascii art rendition…)

. ___ .. * .__ ._____ .
. . . . * ._ .__ .

It would be really handy for ‘recycyling’ character animations to vary the timing of actions, kind of like time remapping, but in keyframes…

Try selecting all the keyframes within the range that you want to be remapping (including the endpoints) and use the Shift-T “Time Slide” Feature. While it is a lot more restricted than true proportional edit, for some simple situations it gets the job done.

Now, regarding the lack of proportional edit: in the graph editor especially, implementing it is pretty darn difficult! It’s bad enough as it is now with all the various settings/states that things can be in that trying to add one more factor into the mix (i.e. for proportional edit, you need to convert ALL the data into the transform data structures, and then shuffle these around so that they are ordered by distance to the selected items, and you’ll quickly have a really nasty mess on your hands).

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