Proportional Editing help

Ok… Im not really sure what is going on, it has worked fine in the past, but now despite all my efforts, (Rolling, paging up, paging down, G) Whatever I cannot get it to do anything but move every vetex in my object, which helps not at all. This is Blender 2.42a.

I assume you are trying to shrink the proportional editing circle of influence. First select a vertex, line, face, whatever. Then, with proportional editing turned on, press GKey, you should see the circle show up. I assume it is larger than your entire object, since everything in your object is moving. Without moving the mouse, scroll the mouse wheel (or press Page Down) to shrink the circle.

What might be happening is that the circle is huge, and you can’t see it when you press Gkey. Then your efforts are shrinking it slightly, but since it’s still huge, it still affects your entire object and what you’re doing doesn’t seem to be having any effect. If you can’t see the circle of influence, RMB to end the grab, and zoom out until your object looks very tiny in the 3D window, and press GKey again. When you can see the circle of influence when you press GKey, you’ll be able to use your mouse wheel or page down key enough to shrink it to the size you want.

Thanks It works now…