Proportional editing is never preset to connected

Whoever thought to change the proportional editing was a complete nutcase. An age-old proverb says if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Okay, gripe aside here is the problem.

I use proportional editing. A lot. Especially with expressions. As a webcomic artist, I often need to do on-the-fly expression tweaks or creations when the need arises. Every single time I move the vertices around I find I need to check the connected only box. It gets very frustrating and slows me down. So, how can I default it into staying checked? It used to be tap O twice for connected now it’s a toggle instead of a 3 switch.

Has anyone else figured out how to fix this? Thanks!

Open a new file. Turn Connected Only on. Save this file as your default startup file (File > Defaults) now, every new file you create has it on by default


Also “Alt + O” is the default hotkey for the “connected” toggle.


thank you, I’ll remember that. Why they changed it mystifies me but I suppose it makes as much sense as alt+a for deselecting.