Proportional Editing Mode Not Working Properly.

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Blender so please bare with me if I don’t know all terms for everything yet. :wink:

I was working on a character model when my Proportional Editing Tool started to wig out for some reason. I was trying to adjust the mesh for the shirt on my character when this occurred. I am not sure if the geometry got messed up and that is partially why things stated to go down hill. Here are two images illustrating whats happening:

The Proportional editing is very jittery and is not smooth at all. As seen in the two photos, it goes straight from the original value to an extreme value without any in-between.

Help would be much appreciated.


You have snapping turned on (see the magnet icon in the bottom bar), you can press Shift+Tab to toggle it.

Thanks so much, that fixed it!