Proportional Editing Question

If I select an edge loop, is there a way to apply proportional editing evenly along the entire thing? The key word being evenly.

At the very least, along an axis?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ever tried to click the small gaussian curve icon next to the proprtional editing icon?
There you can set various proportional editing fallof curves. I am sure the one you need is there :wink:

Or do you want the proportional editing to affect the edgeloop exclusively?

I believe proportional editing edits everything SELECTED in a non-proportional manner (that is, it scales/transforms/rotates as if proportional editing were turned off); everything around those selected areas have a relative modification depending on the size of your influence (the scroll-wheel thing) and the kind of falloff you’re using. So if you only want to [proportionally] edit the edge loop, you’d probably have to duplicate the loop, separate it from the mesh, edit it as if it were its own object, and then merge it back in and manually replace the old edge loop with the new one.

If you can achieve the same effect with some sort of distortion modifier (like a curve or simple deform) then you could use vertex groups (where you isolate the edge loop) to achieve something along the lines of what you’re asking for…

I´d recommend to get “Looptools” a funky addon that can handle latter stuff of my post. I love it.

Then you can for instance pick one vertex from a loop, displace it, select the whole loop and relax or whatever the edgeloop only.

Thanks for the replies so far.

What I was referring to is that the affected area is adjustable by making the circle bigger or smaller. And that was the thing…a circle. As I increase the size of the circle along an edge loop, parts of the affected area continues to swell out from the center. That’s what I don’t want.

I think the answer may lie in playing around with the falloff settings. Thanks again for the input.