Proportional editing - set radius of influence

[noob to Blender question!!] proportional editing: love it but … I’ve found myself moving more points than I expected because the last thing I was doing was “huge” and the thing I have now is “tiny” - yeah OK I can ctrl-z my way out of it, or I can look properly at the tool options, or I can poke the page up/down keys, or …

BUT … I’d also love to be able to set the influence radius before I start working on something … have I missed an easy way to do this?

have u tried the scroll wheel to incre and decrease

yes – that’s where I was first until I found pg up/dn – using a stylus to move meant using the mouse in my left hand just for that – the keyboard with left hand is fine… (and right handed mouse LMB to move plus wheel was not that easy for me ergonomically)

You using a Tablet and Mouse and Keyboard?
So…with the pen selecting what you want to move… just hit G to start Move, you can cancel and Hit F9 and you can set Proportional in the Pop-Up with your stylus.

superb - thanks - most helpful … WIBNI I could see is the radius of influence around my chosen vert(s) when I’m messing with the size field in that pop-up when it’s on screen! :wink: