Proportional Editing with limited vertex number instead of radius

Hey guys,I have a problem with the behavior of proportional editing. Is it possible to affect a number of vertices around a selection instead of a radius?

That’s the model I’m working on:

And that’s what I want to do:

Is there a way to achieve this?


If I understand you correctly, you can do this by hiding the vertices you don’t want affected.

Well that way I would only edit the vertices I want to edit, yes, but not the way I want to edit them cause it would give me the same shape in both directions. Hope you understand.

It would give me something like that:

OK I just got a workaround… a very obvious workaround… I scaled the “stretched” part (the part in Y direction) down to get roughly the same distance in both directions, edited it and scaled it up the it’s original shape.

But still, would be nice if it’s possible to set the distance-fall-off from proportional editing to “vertex-count”-fall-off.