Proportional Editing working only for Grab Tool?

You can see the problem in the video … never had this before.
When you open the same object via the Append tool everything works fine, so I must have changed something in this file but I have absolutly no ideo what it might be :mad::smiley:

Hope you can help me ^^

If you have your pivot point on “individual origins” you would get that behavior. Switch it to active element or median point.

I just did some experimenting and Individual Origins is the only pivot center option where it doesn’t work.

Thanks for asking about this, stryct, and thanks for answering Photox. After 2.59 or so, I’d stopped using proportional editing and long since forgotten it was there. :slight_smile:


I guess I said to change it to those two as they would be the most common.

What do you use instead of proportional edit / Why did you stop using it?

completely forgot to thank you as it’s working again now :slight_smile:

Yup; it’s all good and I certainly wasn’t trying to correct you. Curiosity led me to explore and I wanted to share my discovery. Sorry if it came across as rude or anything. :slight_smile:

I stopped because it didn’t work with the mirror modifier and I was, at the time, very much in the habit of using them together.

I opted, instead, to use the mirror modifier with reference photos or reference geometry (like dropping a partial circle in and adapting part of an object to fit).

Yeah, the mirror modifier doesn’t do well with circular cross sections with proportional edit.

I have been using x-mirror in options (Edit mode, tools panel) in place of a mirror modifier. You need to have have faces; it won’t work just on a circle, but it will work on an extruded circle. It’s almost identical to a mirror modifier in behaviour, except you can scale a circle.

Cool! I’ll have to look into that. Thanks, Photox. :slight_smile: