Proportional editing

I’ve tried doing this, following the directions in the manual, pp. 106-7, but it has no effect. I select the single vert on the grid, enable the proportional editing tool, but when I move the vertex, none of the others follow it. It says also, a dashed circle should appear indicating the radius of influence, but it’s not there. Suggestions?

Try pressing page up or down to increase or decrease the size of the influence. (Page up in your case)

No, no effect. The circle isn’t there at all. Its as if proportional editing hasn’t been activated, although the menus say that it has.

just to make sure, you must be i.e. moving the vertice while pressing either pageup or + to enlargen the size. by default the radius is noticeable though so it might not be so small that it doesn’t show up in your case.

Got it! Pressing the GKEY and scrolling the MW brought up the circle. Thanks much, Folks.

I know this thread is quite old but I’ve got the same problem in blender 2.42a.

I’m following the tutorial:

No circle of influence shows up. I press “G” and I scroll the mouse or use page up/down or even num+ num- but nothing happens. Only the one vertex I selected moves. I have selected proportional mode and the smooth setting but there is no circle. Anyone got an idea?