Proportional UV unwrapping

I have this 3D regular hexagon that I’d like to use as a tile piece in a game. I’m trying to unwrap the hexagon so that the uv mapping is 1:1 with the faces on the hexagon. I tried selecting the faces and used the unwrap method: project from view. Unfortunately this method corrupts the scale of the faces as the distance to target is not the same for different faces. As you can see here, my attempts have been less than successful. What’s the proper way to do this?

Add seams to your model (select an edge and Ctrl+E / add seam)
Reset the objects axes to 1 (Ctrl+A / scale)
Select all faces and UV unwrap (U / unwrap)
In the toolshelf change the unwrap method from ‘Angle Based’ to ‘Conformal’ (best for non-organic objects)
If any scale differences in the unwrap try the UVs / Average ISland Scale menu entry in the UV/image editor window


hexagon.blend (60.6 KB)

I added the seams, pushed ctrl-A in the user perspective(no visible effect, but that’s the way it’s supposed to work I think), unwrapped the object, and set the method to conformal(which seems to have done nothing). While the uv mapped polygons have the correct vertices, the scales are not correct.

If you want the separate islands for each side this is how I would do it

I’m pretty blown away by how helpful you’ve been. Thank you very much :slight_smile: