Proportions pls

(CurtYoung) #1


Do you think the proportions of this NFL player are good?
If yes, I’ll apply the sub modifier and add details.

I’ll do as much NFL player as I can to print them in 3D. :wink:

(CurtYoung) #2

it might be easier to judge with these pictures

(Maqea) #3

The proportions are OK but not good.
The back of his hands are too short from fingers to wrist.
The knees should show more.
The rest can be fixed with a good paintjob. =D
Good job so far.

(Photox) #4

Proportions are not great, use references! Also use multiresolution instead of applying subsurface.

(CurtYoung) #5

Thanks for the feedback!

here’s the update, I’ll work more on it, though I still use subsurface (not applied yet) because multiresolution doesn’t work with mirror modifier :confused:
And I don’t know the advantages of multiresolution…

Here’s my reference, he doesn’t have the same pose but well, it was close enough

For 3D Printing, the challenge will be the scale… I’ll do it in “full color sandstone” but minimum thickness = 2 mm so I don’t know how I’ll manage the helmet “metallic strings” (actually = 1 cm, for a 1/1 scale)

(Photox) #6

It’s close, I mean if you are printing a simplified model then it’s fine. And normally you would apply the mirror, and sculpt with multires with x symmetry turned on in the sculpt settings. Because you are printing and won’t be animating then you can do it with a mirror modifier the whole way. It’s just that multires allows you to work on different form levels independantly (primary, secondary, tertiary)

(CurtYoung) #7

I checked on google, i didn’t know the differences, it might be cool for animation to use multires?

It’s just the base model, I didn’t apply the modifiers yet, after this, I’ll sculpt wrinkles on the models, reshape the butt (lol), add details, add the texture (and merge all the texture into one).

Another update, I’ll stop now because it’s 3AM here xD

(Photox) #8

Definitely go to sleep!

First rule of Blender: don’t talk about fight club, no wait, it’s get some sleep!

(CurtYoung) #9

Some improvements :

  • Proportions
  • Some sculpt with multiresolution
  • Textured (Still have to do the shoes, I think i’ll use a Nike shoe I own, because it’s hard to find every angle of a shoe)
  • Rigged (This is just a pose for a quick render)

I think I’ll have to remove the facemask of the helmet if I wanna print it in full color sandstone.

Just so you know, I know NOTHING about American football (I tried with Maidden NFL but it’s really complicated). I’m doing it for fun, because I’m half American and it’s part of the US traditions and I like their kit/equipment.