[ Proposal ] 3D tileable mesh/texture

Hello, I’m facing a problem with my favorite 3D software Blender :wink:

I use Blender as a main tool for creating my 3D game art, I use it for baking normals, AO, cavity maps from hi-res sculpted meshes to a low-poly meshes. I really would love to be abeable to create tileable hi-res meshes for making detailed ground textures.

I’m trying to use array modifier for that but it doesn’t work really good:

It is possible for example to use photoshop or gimp to generate a tileable displacement map and then use blender for create a the geometry. But I want to sculpt directly in a tillable mesh.

I think that it must work more like mirror option in sculpt mode, by now with this option you can create a tileable symmetric texture but not an asymmetric one. If you can set a size for tile and axis (x, y or z?) and then blender reproduces your sculpting traces in a tileable set we will be abeable to generate asymmetric tileable meshes in sculpt mode.

Of course I will donate and help as much as I can if some developer wants bring that idea to reality! :smiley:

Others software examples:

3DCoat tiled sculpting demonstration

Creating Tileable Textures in ZBrush

Your proposal is good, indeed, maybe some developers will take this into account. If I remember correctly, Nicholas Bishop is the man you need to contact and explain your proposal.

Good topic.
I do same things but with animated textures. This is the real hard work. :slight_smile:
So not only tileable but loopable too.
For example 32 phases of a water texture that is tileable and looped.

I dare to say you’re quite a hypocrite.
If it’s something you could need it’s a good topic, if it’s something someone else needs your sarcasm and trolling kicks in …

BUM ! some one interested?

Warp option allows you to paint a tileable displacement map in blender.

Something close should be to use brush textures and to tweak their mapping.
But it is still equivalent to displacement maps.

Zeauro: Yes I know about displacement/normal map painting in blender ! But this is something totally new and different !

Take a look at this: http://eat3d.com/free/zbrush_tile

As you can see in Zbrush this options allows to work placing different objects in a tileable mesh, really useful for Game artists/environment artists.

An other nice exemple: http://youtu.be/ufZAf9egWYI

Great idea that could find a lot of use beyond just game art, since tile instances can save so much on memory overhead.

I’ve been working on a way to incorporate the 17 wallpaper symmetry groups into a technique like this. Inkscape has a feature to do this (in images, not 3D), but it’s clunky and hard to consistently fit in a 2^n tile. Let’s put our heads together and make this a killer feature!

More on tiling symmetries: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallpaper_group

Great idea , i’d use that a lot !

I Hope some devs planning gsoc projects will see this and get inspired :slight_smile:

Bump, please add this feature! It would do wonders for my workflow.

Bump ! Someone else interested?

loots of examples here:

I was about to make a thread about that since I’m in need of such features, but googled first and stumbled accross this thread. So just a quick comment here to agree on this project, this could be very very useful.

There is a manual way of doing this. Basically sculpt the center area - leaving the sides. Slice and offset horizontally. Sculpt seam. Slice and offset vertically. Sculpt seam.

A modifier would be cool.

Yes, you can do t manually (not very efficient) but have the modifier will be awesome ! For now I change to Zbrush if I have to do that in efficient way.

Nicholas does not work on Blender anymore. He became too busy with his other work related stuff.

I don’t get it. Isn’t this just array with alternating mirror?

good idea
I think that we can apply something similar to 2d texture painting (without modifiers)
Something like Repeate in N-panel UV / Image of Editor, but with the possibility Tile paint.

ps. sorry for my english )