[Proposal] An answer to streamlining textures for artists!

Hey all! It’s about time someone make a site that can:

-Give high resolution textures
-Also have their generated maps alongside the textures
-Have custom tailored maps that give the textures a truly realistic appearance
-Have these textures be tiled and seamless
-Make them available to everyone for free - and only charge if commercially used.

To have a website where you can get an entire texture packaged with its maps would be, well, amazing.

  • No need for the cost of extra software that calculates and guesses maps.
  • No need for the time to create maps to seem “real”.
  • No need to lose time when working on a project.

I can do that for you.

I’m James and I’ve loved using Blender for years. I still remember how it felt to first use 3D software, but as we learn about something challenging and rewarding, we grow and develop something incredible.

I realised that I could speed up workflow for artists including myself by introducing an all-in-one website where you could get real textures and their maps on the fly! If these textures and maps were already set up to look completely real, and I needed them fast, then this would be perfect. If I can supply the materials you need to create and build what you want, then your imagination is the limit!

As of now it’s a project idea and I’m looking for people in the community who feel this would help them. I really want to make this happen for artists everywhere, especially those who love using Blender too!

Entertain the idea and let me know what you think!
If you’d like to see it happen, check out the Kickstarter webpage. Backing the project ends July 30th! :eyebrowlift:

Thanks all.